The 9 Most Iconic Celebrity Bag Moments of All Time

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While Beyonce missed "Mean Girls" Day (Oct. 3, duh) by 48 hours, she seemingly opted to pay tribute to the film on Wednesday by cloaking herself in head-to-toe pink.

On a visit to Jay Z's office in New York City, Beyoncé wore a bubblegum-colored butterfly sweater with a coordinating pleated, metallic midi skirt, both from Gucci's fall 2016 line. She paired the two pieces with a pouch and baseball cap covered in the Gucci logo, along with red velvet heeled sandals. While the Daily Mail was unimpressed, voicing its criticism on Twitter, we love a Beyoncé Gucci moment: Beyoncé really loves Alessandro Michele's designs, having worn similarly eccentric, top-to-bottom looks on many occasions this year, and often with her daughter Blue Ivy. Not only is she willing and able to experiment with the wilder things in Gucci's collections, but she can actually afford to buy as much of it as she wants. Must be nice.

Plus, this exact shade of pink is the color of the moment; if you don't believe us, we've compiled 61 runway looks from the spring 2017 shows that prove we'll be wearing this hue well into next year.

If you want Beyoncé's Gucci sweater-and-skirt set for yourself, our friends at People pointed out that both are still available for purchase at Berdorf Goodman for $1,200 and Net-a-Porter for $2,200, respectively.


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Wood Wood x Champion windbreaker jacket, $205, available at

It's obvious that Champion is very much aware of its chicness. Ever sinceVetements turned its iconic "C" logo on its head last year for a hoodie and sweatpants, every fashion insider and celebrity has been shelling out hundreds of dollars for the parody designs. And now the heritage sports brand has experienced a revival among the cool crowd, popping up in retailers like Urban Outfitters and Ssense, as well as partnering up with nearly every streetwear brand under the sun, including Stüssy, A Bathing Ape and Supreme. 

My favorite of the collaborative bunch is from Wood Wood, a Danish brand with a cult following for its minimalist-style apparel. The limited-edition collection includes a hoodie, T-shirt, crew-neck sweater and windbreaker jacket, which you see above, with the word "romantic" scrawled alongside Champion's logo. It's a parody piece that's actually kind of endearing. Call me a self-professed romantic. Whatever.

Since this collection has been out for nearly six months, nearly every item is already sold out. Luckily, the windbreaker jacket is still holding it down online, so I'm hoping I can grab my size before it's all gone. But if I lose my chance, that's okay. I can sport this Champion parody T-shirt (Fashionista's very own!) instead.


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Overwhelming when Chanel introduced the Fall Winter 2016 Collection act 2? Well, they are not done with you…yet. Here’s another bag to choose from. Introducing the Chanel Denim Tweed Flap Bag.

When we spot a ‘Denim-made’ luxury handbag, we will go like: ‘hmm, is it worth the investment?’. Or should we rather choose a ‘leather bag’. But this bag will really make your life difficult. It’s irresistible!

Crafted in denim around the edges, the center features the CC signature in golden hardware. The color combination is just right. And now for the desert, the center is beautifully made with ‘Tweed’ in mix colors but majority in pink – it’s dazzling.

This bag can be worn in all season, just put the right outfit on. So if you’re looking to extend your Chanel collection, here is your chance. Oh yes, but some jewelry on this bag like in the picture; it will only enhance its charm.

Style code A01112, measuring 6.3′ x 10.2′ x 2.8′ inches, estimated price $3500 USD, €3290 euro, £2790 GBP, $5250 SGD, $27600 HKD, $5320 AUD, ¥434160 JPY, available via Chanel boutiques.

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On Wednesday, video advertising company Pixability released a new study that assesses beauty-related video content across digital platforms. In addition to finding that influencers far outpace brand-driven videos in engagement (and translating that engagement to sales), the report, titled "Digital Makeover: The Social Video Beauty Ecosystem," also concluded that digital video content will continue to be of utmost importance for beauty brands. "As one of the richest and most well-established ecosystems onYouTube, some might have expected the beauty space to plateau," the report stated. "Instead, beauty content on YouTube continues to diversify."

What's more, beauty content on YouTube has proven useful for reaching a certain demographic with whom other platforms have failed to connect. The audience for YouTube beauty videos is 75 percent female, with females between the ages of 13 and 24 accounting for almost half (47 percent, to be exact) of that. "That's a demographic that's becoming increasingly difficult to find on linear television or at the beauty counter," said the study. "YouTube can help beauty brands reach and engage these savvy digital natives."

The report also highlighted two top content categories on YouTube within the beauty realm: men's grooming and "mature beauty." As had been predicted in the company's 2015 report, these areas were "top emerging content categories" that experienced plenty of growth over the past year. Mature beauty content racked up 31 million monthly views on YouTube, while men's grooming surpassed 141 million monthly views. 

Looking to the future, the study emphasized the continued importance of brand-influencer partnerships, noting that videos generated by beauty brands account for only 2.6 percent of the YouTube beauty conversation. "Creators have dominated this space, and that continues to be true, and what I think is interesting is that brands have lost their share of voice year-over-year," Jackie Swansburg Paulino, vice president of customer success at Pixability, toldWWD in an interview. "This is not just because of the growth of the top creators, but YouTube is so accessible to everyone. Everyone can make a beauty tutorial and everyone sort of is, and brands need to pay to play to be part of that world," she said. Given this importance — and the hefty price tags popular beauty influencers like Michelle Phan, Rachel Levin and Bethany Mota command — the report also highlighted several "mid-tier" influencers who are up-and-comers in the field: ItsHeyMorgan, Tanya Cheban and Nicol Concilio (who have 341K, 189K and 214K subscribers, respectively). 

We've said it before, we'll most definitely say it again: Never underestimate the power of the influencer.


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Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2017 Collection Features Microcosm Vibes

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As much as Jonathan Anderson has gotten us used to an androgynous Loewe, Yoshiyuki Miyamae keeps on mesmerizing us with technologically refined Issey Miyake collections, and we honestly all expected something similar for his Issey Miyake spring/summer 2017 collection, too.

What the Japanese designer presented at Paris Fashion Week a few hours ago was not, however, an average Miyake lineup. Extremely feminine, urban-inspired and unapologetically versatile, the Issey Miyake spring/summer 2017 collection was, in fact, nothing like the previous fall/winter and spring/summer ones, as neither Op-art-inspired motifs, nor heavily structured lines were involved in the making of the pieces.

Only a few origami-inspired textures and slightly geometrically deconstructed staples made their appearance throughout the show (it was an Issey Miyake runway show, after all), but for the most part, the lineup was all about experimentations with the color patterns and fabrics.

As usual, Yoshiyuki Miyamae utilized the notorious Baked Stretch fabric to create his proposals, namely a technique that gives the staples a signature undulating form and incredibly soft texture. As for the collection’s main source of inspiration, it came from nature.

The inspiration for this collection is the microcosm and it comes from nature, as shy and introvert Yoshiyuki Miyamae revealed in an interview with a French magazine, instantly giving us a sort of artistic aha moment.

If the textures, prints and even shapes did not conventionally resemble naturalistic patterns, the shades and color-blocking patterns sort of reminded us of the natural elements, such as water, earth and fire.

Couturier Yoshiyuki Miyamae focused on the reminiscence and sensations nature fulfills us with, and tried to translate such patterns into more conceptually artistic looks. The fire got thus translated to standout multicolored flames that embellished most of the tops, water literally ran through the lineup in multi-variegated forms, and earth was to be seen in the sharp, clean-cut, earth-toned garments.

Air seemed to be an intrinsic part of the Issey Miyake spring/summer 2017 collection too, as it was seen within the voluminous, airy staples, as well as in the softness of the materials. White, cold-toned grays and blues, rich browns and greens dominated the scene, often getting interrupted by shocking yellows and pinks (should we compare them to the unpredictability of nature?).

Once again, one of the collection’s main protagonists was the waistline, as an abounding amount of cloth belts cinched at the waists shaped the figures in hourglass silhouettes, yet without losing Issey Miyake’s signature oversized look.

Hints of loungewear and Japan-inspired couture refined most of the proposals, as seen especially within the jackets and shoe line accordingly. Overall, the Issey Miyake spring/summer 2017 collection was neither familiar, nor entirely new, and we bet Yoshiyuki Miyamae will keep on evolving his style from now on.

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